Weeks after I completed my Moderation Gateway training, I was working as a moderator on a project for a major mobile phone producer. Recently, I was selected for an additional assignment… a project for a major automobile manufacturer. Thanks to the training that I received from Moderation Gateway, I’m feeling very confident about my handling of both assignments.
-Charles Lowman, Dominican Republic

This is a great opportunity for anyone considering moderating who has little or no experience. I found it educational and simple to follow. With friendly support and a qualification at the end I am extremely happy to now be a certified moderator.
-Nina Lording, UK

The training by Moderation Gateway is an efficient and fun way to learn about moderation. With many examples, practical exercises and interesting additional material it prepares the student well for the task that lay ahead.
-Constance Mueller-Trimbusch, India

In my work as a Digital Marketing Consultant, working in agencies and advising clients on enhancing their social media presence I am often asked about safety and protection, especially protecting the brand and its engagement with customers. It is a really important factor, particularly when targeting children. I undertook the Moderation Gateway foundation training as I thought it was just as important for agencies and brands to understand the issues, as it is for their moderators. The course covers the basics of moderation methods, the importance of creating a safe environment for customers and brands to interact via UGC, as well as best practice guidelines and regulations. I would recommend the training to anyone working with UGC, either as a client or in agencies – don’t just leave it to your moderators to understand what is going on.
-Felice Nichols, Brighton, UK

I decided to do the training because I enjoy using forums/social media online and have been a forum user for many years. I don’t have any experience in moderation, but do have a background in human services and customer service, and I felt that working as a moderator would be a great fit for my background and interests.  What I liked most about the course was learning about how to keep children safe online and learning more about the ever-growing social media industry.  I’m also a solo parent and would love to re-enter the workforce doing something that I can work around my role as a mother.
-Simon Morgan, Australia