Moderation Gateway is an online training company with a wealth of training experience at its helm. We believe in personal development. We believe in knowledge building to underpin best practice and achieve high standards. We believe in a secure and more regulated internet. At Moderation Gateway we are dedicated to promoting a safer online community by providing competent and trusted moderators for the moderation industry.

How does the training work?

We have created a comprehensive online moderation foundation course for easy self study. Simply work through 5 assessed modules to gain your certificate. Our rigorously tested training has been devised together with The Social Element Agency the highly respected social media management company. The training embodies a standard of moderation best practice and must-know current legislation essential for both present and future moderators. UGC Content Moderation best practice training consists of 5 assessed modules:

  • Moderation: Comprehensive overview.
  • Pre- and Post Moderation: Two widely used moderation methods.
  • Child Protection Online: Why moderation is the first line of defence in child protection.
  • Escalation: Escalation levels, processes and examples.
  • Moderator characteristics and moderation trends within social media.

At the end of each of the five modules there is an assessment ensuring that when passed, each student has attained the level required to move on. Students who do not pass the assessment, will be asked to go back over the module and try again. On the successful completion of all five module assessments, students will receive a fully endorsed certificate in Moderation Foundation Training.

The training programme includes:

Video, fact and information-based content. Audio solutions. An integral moderation simulation tool, specially created by Moderation Gateway, to give our students a taste of how practical moderation is applied in the real world. A glossary, useful links, a note taking tool, a student’s forum and email communication with real tutors.

We believe that user-generated-content moderation has a vital role to play in ensuring safe online environments. We want to be instrumental in providing industry standard training for current or future moderators. Our training is crucial for moderators who need a competitive edge in the ever-expanding 'work from home' market. The real shortage of trained and competent content moderators provides a unique opportunity for those wanting to invest in themselves and their future.

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