What do I need for this training?

All you need is a device with video, sound and Internet access although we do recommend a PC or MAC to optimise our training. A quiet space is also advisable and the time to concentrate and absorb all of the material in the course.

Are there any technical specifications I need to know about?

Our training runs on the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The training system has been designed to run at its best on a standard resolution of 1024×768.  Please note that if you have an above average computer screen it is advisable that you set the resolution to 1024×768 to avoid any issues during the course.

How long does the training take?

That is completely up to you. The training has been specifically designed so you can learn at your own pace.  Some modules are longer than others and it is advisable to plan your available time frame before embarking on each section of the training.

How does the training work?

There are five modules, each concluding with an information module at the beginning and end of the programme. Each of the five modules concentrates on specific aspects of the fundamentals of conducting moderation. At the end of every module there is an assessment and you have to pass each module before you can move on to the next.

How long is each module?

Each module has different training content and the length of time it takes for a student to complete each one is dependent on the individual’s learning speed. Some students may be able to move through the module and pass the assessment in one sitting. Other students may need more time to digest the information before embarking on the assessment. Please remember there is no rush and we would prefer our students to take their time and really understand the training before undertaking the assessment.

How many assessments are there?

There are five assessments. Each module concludes with a Check Your Learning assessment. The assessment stage is a multiple choice layout for the first four modules and the fifth and final assessment will be taken on our moderation simulation tool.

What is a moderation simulation tool?

The moderation simulation tool has been designed specifically for the final training assessment. We would like our students to actually ‘try their hand’ at moderation in a practical way so you will have to employ all the information learnt throughout your training to evaluate and make moderation decisions as any moderator would in a real life scenario.

What happens if I fail any of the assessments?

As soon as you complete each assessment you will be notified immediately as to whether or not you have passed or failed. If you pass you will be able to move on to the next module.  If you fail you will need to go back over the same module and take the assessment again.

How many times can I retake the assessment?

We encourage our students to aim for a first time pass. However, you can retake the assessment a number of times although we do recommend that you try to take the test only when you are confident that you have absorbed the training content in each module. Remember that we are here to support you if you are finding any aspect of the course hard to understand.

What administrative, technical and student support is available?

You can email the administrative team via the contacts link on the home page, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Questions regarding the training, technical issues or administrative issues will be answered within our stipulated time frame (please see our terms). We also encourage you to actively participate with other moderators and students by taking part in our forum.

When I finish will I get a certificate?

Yes. When you finish all of the training modules and have successfully passed all of the assessments you will gain a certificate in Moderation Foundation Training. We will send this to your registered email.

What happens after I complete the training?

Once you have finished the training, you are encouraged to regularly log in to the forum to help other students and to contact other moderators.  Your name will automatically be registered with Moderation Gateway as a certified moderator.

How long do I have to complete the programme?

There is a six month window of opportunity to complete all aspects of the programme.

What language is the training in?

The entire training is currently in English, although other languages are being considered (please contact us).

Who is the training aimed at?

The course has been tailored to suit those who are already in the moderation industry and would like to validate their skills or those who would like to enter it and understand the fundamentals of moderation.  Although the training includes a European and UK focus it also touches on important U.S. laws that affect online users and website owners wherever they are located. The foundation moderation skills gained in this certificate are important knowledge building blocks and are relevant to any moderator wherever located. It is important to note that you could work as a moderator in a different part of the world to the one you live in and with this in mind the training offers a balanced perspective of the most important regulations and laws that one should be aware of when moderating.