The moderation industry is constantly growing producing a big demand for industry standard, best practice qualified moderators. The creation of an industry specific training programme opens up employment opportunities for both new and experienced online content moderators.

If you are looking for a gateway into the world of paid user-generated content moderation, then our comprehensive content moderation foundation training certificate is exactly what you need.

Endorsed and certified

Our training has been developed with guidance and endorsement from The Social Element, is one of the world’s most respected global social media management agencies. Founded in 2002 and staffed by over 300 trained professionals, The Social Element provides multilingual community management and moderation in over 50 languages, as well as social media consultancy and social media crisis communication training. The Social Element work with some of the world’s best-known brands and leading digital agencies, and is proud to be supporter of the Internet Watch Foundation and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.

It is with this expert experience and hands-on moderation knowledge that we are able to offer robust and carefully created training. The Social Element has embraced this training as it sees its position within the moderation industry as a driving force for best practice and industry recognised standards. The Social Element has contributed the expertise of its staff to ensure that the training is current and reflective of the issues facing content moderators of online user-generated content today.