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Our online Moderation Foundation Training aims to teach the fundamentals of dynamic moderation practices; how moderation should be used, practical case studies and a chance for students to test drive their newly acquired skills on our specifically designed moderation simulation tool.

The training has been developed in collaboration with The Social Element and is designed to help new and experienced moderators cope confidently in varied online environments. Our students will gain an insight into the different dimensions of online moderation and understand how to deal with a wide variety of user-generated content.

On successful completion of the 5 assessed modules our students will receive a certificate in Moderation Foundation Training and the opportunity for their name to be included on to the RTM (Register of Trained Moderators) for 12 months complimentary membership.

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The training embodies a standard of moderation best practice and must-know current legislation
For moderators who want to embrace best practice and validate their skills.
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Learn the fundamentals of user-generated content moderation and get certified.
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Validate your skills today with our benchmark UGC moderation training

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