Register of Trained Moderators (RTM)

The Register of Trained Moderators (RTM) is the first of it’s kind – the only place to find UGC moderators who have successfully participated and passed Moderation Gateway’s Foundation Level training programme.

The register will help to:

  • Raise industry standards.
  • Promote moderation best practice.
  • Provide a central independent database of certified moderators.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of UGC moderation.

Why is the register important? 

Employers can be confident that those on the register have met the required standard for competent and up-to-date knowledgeable moderators.

The register will help to promote moderation as a valued profession.

Moderation Gateway can stay in touch with members on the RTM keeping them up-to-date with current legislation and relevant industry news and opportunities. We do not publish the RTM list on the Internet but we will confirm any membership and MG personal certificate number if requested.

Through the RTM and on-going development of our training content we aim to improve the standard of moderation and moderation training by promoting and including moderation best practice wherever and whenever we can.

Be the best you can be.  Enrol on Moderation Gateway’s training to ensure your name is on our RTM.