PRESS RELEASE: 18/06/2013

A new certified training course for online moderators has been launched today, to set industry standards for the moderation of user-generated content (UGC) online. The certified online UGC moderation foundation training course has been created by Moderation Gateway in collaboration with social media management agency Emoderation, which has provided course information, content and testing to Moderation Gateway.

This innovative virtual course sets new standards for moderation best practice and ensures UGC moderators both new and experienced are equipped with the necessary skills needed for everyday moderation tasks.

Tamara Littleton, CEO of Emoderation, says: “We urgently need to set a benchmark for moderation standards across the industry. Moderators have a really important role to play in keeping sites safe and appropriate. I passionately believe that only experienced, trained people should moderate online content, particularly where issues like child safety are involved. This is why eModeration supports the Moderation Gateway Training. Certification means that brands can be sure they’re getting high-quality, trained moderators working on their behalf.

“We have been involved in creating and refining the content of the training packages and we’re delighted to put our name to this new standard.”

The first of its kind, this virtual certified training course is packed with practical content designed to prepare students with proven skills and confidence to help them become proficient and successful online UGC moderators. With five assessed modules – including video, audio, and self-paced content culminating in an interactive moderation simulation tool – this unique training system also allows students to learn at their own pace any time, anywhere.

“As the world becomes more virtual, more and more brands are engaging with their customers and users online. The role of the human moderator will continue to play a vital role in helping companies to not only protect their brands, but also ensure they are participating in, supporting and creating safe and secure online environments,” says Lisa Craven, founder of Moderation Gateway.

“Our new foundation level course will appeal to those wishing to start a rewarding career in moderation and those who may be moderating already and wish to validate their skills through gaining certification. We are also looking forward to working with moderation agencies and private and public sector companies who wish to raise the standards of their in-house moderation efforts. Our training is a great way for companies to invest in their teams and ensure that their moderators have the rights skills and competence to deliver,” Craven adds.

The Moderation Gateway training platform runs on most popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. All a student needs to start the training is access to a computer (Mac or PC), with video, audio and the internet.

Company profiles

Moderation Gateway is an online training company, dedicated to promoting a safer online community by training and providing competent and trusted moderators to the moderation industry.

Emoderation is a global social media management agency, providing high-quality multi-lingual moderation and community management services to some of the world’s best known brands and agencies. It offers round-the-clock engagement and brand protection in over 50 languages, as well as social media consultancy and social media crisis management training via its Social Media Crisis Simulator.

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