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Our online Moderation Foundation Training aims to teach the fundamentals of dynamic moderation practices; how moderation should be used, practical case studies and a chance for students to test drive their newly acquired skills on our specifically designed moderation simulation tool. …


Play your part for a better internet. #SID2019

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Moderation Gateway takes internet safety seriously. Our numerous certified content moderators work behind the scenes in helping to keep the online world safe and healthy.   Great job mods!

Develop your moderation team to ensure they are equipped to tackle today’s challenging online environments. Choose from a range of corporate training packages to suit your business needs.


Invest in you

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Our professional training is an industry first and second to none. We are supported by some of the biggest names in the content moderation industry.    Are you looking for the first step up on the content moderator ladder but …


How I became a content moderator

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  In our ‘under the spotlight’ feature Ryan Mouser, a certified Moderation Gateway student shares his experiences about becoming a UGC professional moderator.                                   …

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