Moderation Gateway one year on

It’s been an action packed year since we officially launched Moderation Gateway’s website and our Moderation Foundation Training certificate. We’ve managed to tick a lot of boxes over the past twelve months – from our acceptance on the UK Register of Learning Practitioners (UKRLP) to our Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) membership. We also got involved in Safer Internet Day 2014 in February, helping to spread the word and keep online spaces safe. The team has been very focused on building strong relationships with industry partners who we feel make a real difference.

So what’s our biggest achievement this year?  Well we guess the proof is always in the pudding – with over 300 moderators now certified we are extremely proud.  We have been lucky to work with a very diverse group of people from all over the world. Our students both past and present have very different skills and experience. We would particularly like to say a thank you to our independent students who have shown great commitment to their own personal development by investing in our professional moderation certificate.

We are also very proud of our corporate students who hail from internationally renowned companies, such as Moshi Monsters/Mind Candy, The LEGO Group, Cancer Research, ICUC and Emoderation to name but a few. Some of our clients are really leveraging the business benefits of the training and have not only signed up their existing teams of Moderators but have introduced the certificate course as part of their on-boarding process.

Chuck Dueck, Vice President Operations, ICUC said “We have hundreds of applicants on our database, and being able to short list those with the certification will decrease the amount of search time for our recruiters.  One ‘bad’ hire can lead to problems internally as well as a potential risk for the client.   We also hope that it can reduce the amount of internal training time before we feel comfortable having a moderator work on client accounts without constant supervision.”

It has also been a very enjoyable year when it comes to Moderation Gateway’s social media channels. We have got to grips with sharing, pinning, posting, listening and liking. We’ve received very positive UGC and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who posted reviews of the training especially Emoderation who have supported us throughout the last 12 months.

So all in all, we’ve had a fantastic first year – it’s been an privilege to work with brand leaders, great clients and inspiring students, who all make what we do worthwhile.  As we move into our second year, we do so with a very good feeling and look forward to continuing our vision in helping to keep the Internet a healthy and safer space.




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