Mind Candy case study

Mind Candy is a family entertainment company and creators of the hugely successful online community and game for kids, Moshi Monsters.

Mind Candy uses a number of approaches to manage UGC moderation for their young digital generation audience, including patented technical tools for their team of professional moderators, sophisticated content filtering and self-help tools for players.

Business drivers for training:

When asked about the main business drivers in Mind Candy’s decision to choose Moderation Gateway’s training, Claire Panter, Head of Community said: “We strongly believe in the importance of human moderation in online communities and were excited at the prospect of this skill being officially recognised through the certification.”

Claire went on to say that Moshi Monsters is specifically aimed at young children, which brings a unique set of challenges for moderators. Her team comes from all walks of life and, when asked what the most valuable aspect of the training is, Claire answered: “to increase her team’s knowledge of the wider industry and create a base level of understanding for a team with different experience levels.”

Mind Candy expects that the future business impact will be to “motivate the team, broaden their knowledge and give them increased confidence in their judgement” through Moderation Gateway’s training programme.

Training outcome and future business benefits:

Mind Candy has recently put their existing in-house team of moderators through the moderation foundation course and plan to introduce training to their new moderators in future.

The course teaches the many dimensions of online moderation, as well as the types of situations a moderator may realistically have to deal with whilst moderating online user-generated content.

Although Mind Candy offers their own internal training, the Moderation Gateway course gives the company an affordable and virtual people development option to help the team gain a wider understanding of the industry and an overview of moderation issues that are not so focused on children.

Lisa Craven, CEO Moderation Gateway comments:

“It has been a privilege to have such a supportive company as our first corporate client. As soon as we launched the training we were approached by Mind Candy who were very excited about the prospect of their staff validating their skills with a professional moderation qualification. They are very progressive, especially when it comes to thinking about online protection for their audience. Mind Candy not only wants to ensure that their young players can safely enjoy the Moshi Monsters experience but that parents can be confident their children’s play is monitored by trained and competent moderators.”

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