How moderation can help create growth and profitability for your brand

The world is ever-changing, as is the way we communicate and do business.  The online environment in particular continues to rapidly evolve and companies must constantly review how to effectively shape and define the way they interact with customers in their online spaces.

One of the biggest challenges is how to develop a clear UGC strategy: without this in place, it is all too likely that an insufficient reactionary approach will be used to deal with an inappropriate or potentially brand damaging post.  A clearly defined UGC strategy that includes a tiered approach to moderation is, without doubt, an essential element to any business’ online space.

Users who experience an online environment that is free from offensive or inappropriate content are much more likely to return and recommend it to someone else.  UGC moderation performs a key role in maximising customer retention and acquisition.

However, many brands still see moderation as a luxury rather than a necessity, primarily due to their limited perception of what moderation can actually deliver.  Getting it right is straight-forward; getting it wrong can result in companies being sued for issues such as copyright infringement and bad publicity.  We know from first-hand experience the positive role moderation plays in protecting a company’s image and reputation. We receive regular feedback from our trained moderators who are currently working for some great brands that have a clear online moderation strategy.

Choosing a moderation strategy will be determined by a number of factors including the level of regulation within your industry, market guidelines and your customer demographics.  A good question to ask is how you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand online.

Moderators help create that all important safe and friendly online space where contributors have the freedom to express themselves within the given guidelines, ensuring a good usable balance between brand protection and audience engagement.

The bottom line is that, if you value the UGC posted on your site and want to develop a quality moderation strategy that will help protect your business, you need well-trained moderators.  When you reflect on the huge impact a moderator can have on your brand, their knowledge, skills and abilities may be the most beneficial part of your online strategy.  Now is the time to invest in UGC moderation training to provide your team with the right tools and skills!


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