Moderation Foundation Training

Training is a key component you need in order to excel. Best of all you can do it in your own time – no need to race, you dictate the pace.

Learn about the fundamentals of dynamic moderation practices; how moderation should be used, practical case studies and a chance to try your hand on our specifically designed moderation simulation tool. The training has been developed to help new and experienced moderators cope confidently in varied online environments. You’ll gain insight into the different dimensions of online moderation and taught how to deal with a wide variety of user-generated content.

All students will complete the 5 modules of the Moderation Foundation Training that will teach the skills needed to become a proficient and knowledgeable moderator. Each module must be passed sequentially in order to proceed to the next. If you are not successful at first we simply ask you to go back over the module and try again.

Each of the 5 powerful modules focus on a different area of online moderation. We use the latest multimedia teaching techniques to provide an engaging yet simple interactive learning environment for each of our students.

Once you’ve passed all of the assessments, you’ll receive our endorsed certificate in Moderation Foundation Training.

Our Moderation Foundation Training programme includes:

• Moderation: Comprehensive overview

• Pre and Post Moderation: 2 widely used moderation methods

• Child Protection Online: Why moderation is the first line of defence in child protection

• Escalation: Escalation levels, processes and examples

• Moderator characteristics and moderation trends within social media

You’ll gain insight into the many dimensions of online moderation, and types of situations that you may realistically have to deal with whilst working as a moderator.

Learn from training that has been created together with The Social Element, one of the most respected and widely used social media management agencies.

Make the commitment to be the best moderator you can be and invest in your future – now.

Sign up to our training here and never look back.