Corporate case study

Moderation Gateway is proud to work with The LEGO Group, the second largest toy company in the world, who provide children around the globe with an imaginative, creative and fun physical and digital play experience.

Committed to online safety

In order to promote a creative online climate while safeguarding their most vulnerable audience, The LEGO Group has developed robust internal Children’s Online Safety Guidelines. These protective practices govern all of their online activities and moderation operations – they also rigorously adhere to the policies of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

What type of user-generated content is moderated and how?

Children are able to submit photographs of models they’ve built, send in drawings of their creations from their imagination, role play and tell stories around The LEGO Group themes and generally communicate with other like-minded fans around the world.

Moderation is currently handled by their Children’s Community and Moderation Team. The team utilises a 24/7 operation that allows for all content to be safely pre-moderated within an average time of 40 minutes.

What our client says:

After the team at The LEGO Group completed their training, we sat down with Mark Fothergill, Head of Children’s Community and Moderation, to find out why he decided to choose Moderation Gateway’s Foundation Level training course for his team and how it has helped their moderators and moderation effort:

“The foundation training we have always provided for new and existing team members is very similar to the training Moderation Gateway offers. After trying the course out, we decided to free up valuable resources in our own team to concentrate on more specific training elements and utilise Moderation Gateway for the ‘basics’.  This way we have been able to set up a two-tier training solution.

We also found the ability to deliver a training package that individuals can cover themselves, that can be fulfilled at any time, extremely valuable. Given that we are 24/7 and we do have people located around the world, it makes getting new moderators up and running that bit easier. The course offered excellent value for money, especially with the corporate discount we received.”

When asked if Mark would consider putting other employees through the Moderation Gateway training course in the future, he replied “Yes. We also wanted this training to be backwards compatible, so we asked the existing team to take the course. All of them have now completed it and all have passed!”

Moderation Gateway Karen Storey, Chief Operating Officer commented:

“We have been delighted to work with Mark and his team. Support from such an established client in the moderation field really does signal the strong demand for this new industry standard. The LEGO Group’s participation stands to illustrate how some of the biggest brands value our pioneering course, not only because they are interested in raising standards within the industry for professional moderators but because it also offers real value for money for their business. By being able to deliver moderation training to staff online, anytime and anywhere, Mark has been able to free up other internal resources to deliver additional value-added programmes for his moderators.”

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