The benefits

Being a Moderator allows me to have a fulfilling, worthwhile career and still be a full-time Mum. That’s a wonderful combination! I feel privileged to work in an industry committed to protecting children.

Anne Hook, UK

The course is straightforward to follow with lots of interesting examples that add to your learning experience. Having completed the course and gained my certificate I now feel confident to embark on a career as a moderator.

Sarah Lake, Italy

I decided to do the training because I enjoy using forums/social media online and have been a forum user for many years. I don’t have any experience in moderation, but do have a background in human services and customer service, and I felt that working as a moderator would be a great fit for my background and interests.  What I liked most about the course was learning about how to keep children safe online and learning more about the ever-growing social media industry.  I’m also a solo parent and would love to re-enter the workforce doing something that I can work around my role as a mother.

Simone Morgan, Australia 


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